3M publishes Standard Operating Procedures for the marine industry

3M has created standard operating procedures for the marine industry
3M has created standard operating procedures for the marine industry

For decades 3M has developed products specifically designed to help solve the latest spray booth and paint process demands, delivering new levels of efficiency and quality for the marine industry. Using its extensive research facilities, it puts many years of testing into every product it develops. This includes finding the ideal processes and procedures for the professionals who use its products.

As part of this effort, 3M has created standard operating procedures (SOPs) which provide step-by-step instructions of the process that must be taken to use each product. They’re designed to help professionals ensure they’re using 3M products correctly and with maximum efficiency.

A guide for Marine OEMs
To help technicians in the marine industry, 3M has created a new SOP guide specifically for marine applications. The SOPs in the guide, along with the products and tools to go with them, are designed to help marine OEMs use 3M products in a cost-effective way.

It provides guidance on a range of processes, helps teach basic and advanced skills, demonstrates proper techniques, and showcases the best 3M solution for each job.

It includes SOPs for a variety of situations and applications faced by marine industry workers, including surface preparation, masking, filler application and finishing for gel coats and other surface coatings. We hope you find it useful.

Download the guidance: 3M SoP for Marine OEM 2022

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