News Bulletin August 2020

We have done it. Yes, we have really done it. I still have to pinch myself to realise that after months of challenges and not insignificant hurdles, IIMS has finally completed the purchase of the freehold of Murrills House, a major new asset for members. We can finally boast that we are the owners of a period property dating back, in parts, some 500 years – a real piece of history and something to make our members proud. I will not begin to suggest any of this has been easy, because it hasn’t. But now that the deal is done, I can finally reflect on this momentous occasion.  When I look back to the parlous financial state of the Institute when I arrived six years ago, we have come a long way. This really is something worth celebrating and shouting about.

Many things have changed in the past few months and not all of them good either as we have learnt to cope with tragedy and a new way of living courtesy of the pandemic engulfing us all. COVID-19 certainly has a lot to answer for, but out of the situation that was forced upon the profession, a new way of surveying is fast emerging, particularly in commercial shipping. I refer to remote surveying, which although not entirely new, was probably unimaginable to most of us just a few years ago and is perhaps a shock to the system for more traditional surveyors too.

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