DGS Marine Group signs as lead sponsor for IIMS London Conference 2015

dgsThe International Institute of Marine Surveying is delighted to announce that DGS Marine Group has agreed to be the lead sponsor for its forthcoming conference to be held at Lloyd’s of London on 7/8 September 2015.

DGS Marine Group is a young, vigorous company built on the exceptional experience of its senior management and a realistic approach to costs. When you have to resolve problems related to general insurance matters or specific claims, DGS Marine Group can act as your ‘in-house’ experts – freeing up your time and applying our skills to resolve matters quickly and cost-effectively.

DGS Marine Group provides advice and guidance on a wide range of legal, practical and operational problems – no matter how difficult the situation becomes, they are on your side. Their managers will use their experience to critically analyse the key facts of the problem, tell you where you stand and what you should do next. If a deeper investigation and specialist advice is called for, they will instruct an appropriately experienced lawyer, for example, on your behalf. However, when the operator’s case is weak, they will say so and explain how it can best be settled.

Few cases are fought all the way to a hearing. Strong leadership, objectivity and legal competence normally mean a settlement, which reflects the strengths and weaknesses of each side’s position, can be agreed. DGS Marine Group have experienced managers who play a vital role in resolving cases to the operators’ best advantage whilst controlling costs and minimising risk.

DGS Marine Group has a network of offices in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Delegates are welcome to meet DGS representatives at the IIMS London Conference 2015, or may contact them directly via their web site.

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