Online Seminars

IIMS has launched a series of online only seminars to be delivered by experts in their fields using Zoom video conferencing technology. Each seminar will last approximately 90 minutes (with the exception of report writing, which lasts about 3 hours). New seminars will become available to review and book, so check back often.

The online seminar timetable for 2020:

Upcoming Seminars

Report writing online seminar August 2020 – 25th August 2020

The latest in Ultrasound Measurement Tools online seminar – 28th August 2020

Report Writing Online Seminar November 2020 – 4th November 2020

Marine Surveying International Fest III 2020 (Yacht & Small Craft) – 30th November 2020

Marine Surveying International Fest III 2020 (Commercial Ship) – 2nd December 2020


Previous Seminars

How to conduct a complete mast and rigging survey online seminar – 31st March 2020: Buy the video
‘The mast and rigging webinar was excellent, very informative’ – Jack H

Introduction to yacht coatings – Online seminar – 16th April 2020: Buy the video

Inspecting Critical Equipment on Crew Transfer Vessels – Online Seminar - 22nd April 2020: Buy the video
‘…excellent talks and experiences shared by Michael’ – Alfredo T

Introduction to Yacht Coating Failures and Paint Defects – Online Seminar – 27th April 2020: Buy the video

Business compendium online seminar – 28th April 2020: Buy the video
‘I am grateful for presentation…It was so informative and useful to my business…’ – Joseph S
‘…Please thank him (Mike) for me. The content was very interesting and well presented.” – Paul H

Gathering Evidence – Online Seminar – 6th May 2020: Buy the video

Certifying Authority Training Day – Online – 11th May 2020

Giving Expert Witness online seminar – 14th May 2020: Buy the video

Webinar: The Silver Lining for Shipping Industry, Post Covid-19 Era – Opportunities and Cautions – 27th May 2020 (14.00 UTC+4)

Cancelled – Superyacht Valuations and the role of the marine surveyor – Online Seminar – 3rd June 2020

Report writing online seminar –  18th June 2020: Buy the video

Moisture Meters, new Tramex and osmosis – Online Seminar – 29th June 2020: Buy the video

Multiple Echo Thickness Measurement online seminar 21st July 2020: Buy the video

Surveying and Inspecting Small Craft Engines online seminar – 4th August 2020: Buy the video

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