IIMS to launch the CMID accreditation scheme

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IMCA has chosen IIMS and MSA to accredit and manage its CMID accreditation scheme

The IIMS wholly owned subsidiary, Marine Surveying Academy (MSA), has been awarded a significant contract by IMCA (International Marine Contractors Association).

IIMS has been in discussion for the past year about the possibility of launching, running and managing a robust accreditation scheme for the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) CMID Vessel Inspectors. Codenamed Project TRADEWINDS – effective, efficient safety and environmental protection vessel inspections for the offshore industry – the two organisations have signed a five year contract and memorandum of understanding. IIMS, through MSA is now preparing the CMID accreditation scheme for imminent launch.

MSA will deliver the CMID accreditation scheme, provide training and administer the plan whilst IIMS will become the official accrediting body.

Having gained accredited status vessel inspectors will be issued with an identity card embossed with both an IIMS logo and a declaration that the accreditation is recognised by IMCA. This has been approved by the IMCA Overall Management Committee and the roll out for this element of the CMID process is due to be parallel with the CMID version 9. Inspectors will be issued with an IMCA Auditors Log Book and the inspector will be entitled to have their details posted on a dedicated ‘CMID Inspector’ website, giving details of the inspector’s contact address and vessel type experience.

A detailed article about the CMID accreditation scheme can be read in the March edition of The Report magazine, which explains in great depth how the scheme will be run and operated.

A web site is being developed and will be online shortly.

It is anticipated that CMID inspectors will be called forward to apply and join the CMID accreditation scheme accreditation from mid-year onwards. To register your interest in becoming an accredited CMID vessel inspector please email Hilary Excell.

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