IIMS North American Conference April 2015

The IIMS North American Conference April 2015 is set to take place at the Maritime Institute in Linthicum, Baltimore, USA
The IIMS North American Conference April 2015 is set to take place at the Maritime Institute in Linthicum, Baltimore, USA

The IIMS in-country representative for America, James Renn, has organised and provided details of an important forthcoming Conference themed “Available Tools and Technologies’ which is open to IIMS members (and non members alike).

The International Institute of Marine Surveying is pleased to announce that this two day Conference for its North American members which will be held on 10-11 April at the Maritime Institute of Technology & Graduate Studies in Linthicum, Baltimore, Maryland.

8:00-8:30 Introduction, housekeeping and Conference purpose. Tools and state of the art-advancing in new avenues.
James Renn, AMS, MIIMS

8:30-9:45 Modern fuels condition, filtration, testing and polishing. Advancement of fuel to tier 4 standards of carbon Emissions.
Steve Richardson, Dr Clean Fuels

9:45-10:00 Coffee break

10:00-11:15 Thermography. Where we are, what is the latest. Demonstration and explanation of becoming certified. Current cost of equipment.
Eric Black of “The Technical Infrared Institute”.

11:15-12:15 Lunch

12:15–2:00 First introduction of “Solar Sails” in the US. Representatives from UK and France to demonstrate Solar Sail Power and potential. Hybrid propulsion from Electric Yachts of Annapolis and ELCO on latest Electric Propulsion and Storage Cells.
Bob Leichtman, Electric Yachts.

2:00-2:15 Break. Soft drinks and snacks

2:15-3:30 Hoist Cam. Seaworthy portable camera for night vision, crane cam, explosive environments- a tool to have access to when needed.
Chris Machut and Lew Crenshaw, Hoist Cam

3:30-4:30 BYK Gardner. Test equipment for Yacht finish clarity, density, luster, etc. which has been standardized per ISO. Theory and application. What is distinction of image?
Jim McDonald, BYK Gardner

4:30-5:15 ISO 11347 “Measurement and Assessment of Visual Appearance of Yacht Coatings”. Introduction and some explanation of this standard as it will influence surveyor activities, responsibilities, liabilities and potential for profit.
James Renn, AMS, MIIMS Marine Forensic Technicians.

5:15 Closure of Day 1.


8:00-8:30 Compliance with wash water runoff and methods of filtration. Vessel cleaning restrictions, Ship Yard, Barge and Vessel responsibility overview per statue mandates.
Capt. Bill Weyant, SAMS-AMS, Environmental Water Technologies.

8:30-9:30 Electrical Surveys. why proper electrical inspections are an entity in themselves. Correct methods and tools. Latest in Standards and Expectations.
Capt. John McDevitt, SAMS-AMS.

9:30-9:45 Coffee break

9:45-10:45 NFPA 302-Codes, changes. Smoke detectors, installation and testing. Installation and measurement of suppression gas.
Capt. John McDevitt, SAMS-AMS

10:45-11:15 Sound and Vibration Reduction Technology. Transforming sound pressure into low level heat. Latest advancements in coatings.
Mark Dohery and Brian Prinz-Current Composites-Silent Running.

11:15-12:15 Lunch

12:15-2:00 Methods of Forensic Analysis. Methods to determine causations of failures and aging.
Capt. Bob Kochan, SAMS ASSC., Forensic Marine Investigations.

2:00-2:15 Break. Soft drinks and snacks.

2:15-3:45 Invasive Species Act of 2014/15 as it may relate to Surveyors. Ballast Water Treatment Activity, Methodologies and Subset Business potential. Vessel Inspection and Responsibilities. Bacterial concerns.
James Renn, AMS, MIIMS Marine Forensic Technicians.

3:45-4:30 Tools and measurements. Work Place and Accommodation Space Db measurements. Tools for Electronic Engines Plug and Analyze – Rinda. Use of the “Ideal” Hand Held Test Instrument, HIOKI meter. Refractometer for Antifreeze, Sodium Detection, Enclosed Space Gas Detectors. What’s in your kit?
Ken Roberts, SAMS, SA, Thermographer.

4:30 Close of Conference.

The venue and facility is easily reached from local and interstate highways and is perhaps five minutes from Baltimore (BWI) Airport. There is a hotel on campus where we have a preferred rate however there are numerous hotels in the immediate vicinity. Lunch is included as part of the attendance fee and breakfast and supper are included in the hotel rate. Dining on site is quite nice and the campus is very professional at a university level. The full address of the Maritime Institute of Technology & Graduate Studies is 692 Maritime Blvd, Linthicum, Maryland 21090, 866-656-5568

Cost for attendance at the Conference is just $165.00. Payment can be made by Credit Card by calling the IIMS office (five hours ahead of EST) 011 44 23 9238 5223, or by e-mail. Vicky Lawrence is the contact person. If payment will be by check they should be made to “Marine Forensics” P.O. Box 1041 Stevensville MD, 410-604-2327. Contact Angel Pallitto. You may bring payment in the form of check with you with prior notice as we must notify the facility in advance and are responsible for the number of planned attendees.

Please call with any questions on 410-604-2327 or write by email to James’s office.

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