IIMS releases Marine Surveying International Fest III 2020 speaker details

It’s official – Marine Surveying International Fest III 2020, the ultimate marine surveying online training event, is coming to a screen near you soon! If you are not familiar with the Fest format, now in its third year, it is an annual online only event hosted live by IIMS from Portchester, UK and broadcasting through Zoom with both days starting at 06.00 (London UK time). If you cannot or choose not to join live, there is an option to purchase the entire day’s content in video format to watch at your leisure. The event is open to IIMS members but also to non-members too – all are welcome to join.

Each hour on the hour for 12 hours, one new presentation is delivered by an expert in one area or another of marine surveying. One modest fee of just £100 gives you access to the entire day’s schedule of presentations. You can join, leave and rejoin throughout the day as you wish to suit your schedule. Additionally, you can select the purchase video only option for the same price and after the event we will send them to you electronically so you can watch them on catch-up at your convenience. And if you are an IIMS member, you can pick up valuable CPD points.

This year’s presentations include many that are being prepared from scratch for your benefit. A good number of them are original and produced especially and only for Fest III.

Commenting on the event, IIMS CEO, Mike Schwarz, said, “Putting the Fest schedule together is a challenge and has become something of a labour of love, but a worthwhile one and it provides a first-class learning opportunity for marine surveyors around the world, no matter what their experience. This year we are looking at age-old issues affecting the profession as well as on-trend topics that are shaping the future of surveying. I highly commend the two programmes.”

Marine Surveying International Fest III for large yacht and small craft surveyors
Broadcasting on 30 November from 06.00 (London UK time).
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Here is the draft schedule, (subject as always to amends and alterations):
06.00 Surveyor and digital camera expert Milind Tambe explains how to cope with photography in those dark and hard to get to places on a boat
07.00 Installation and safety of diesel heaters on boats by Owen Cox, Planar Heaters
08.00 Lightness and strength to beat speed with an electric powered boat. The slamming composites concepts by Luca Olivari
09.00 Surveyor ethics – Role play by Mike Schwarz and Paul Homer
10.00 Surveyors and LPG on boats by James Hale
11.00 An introduction to MCA code surveying by Fraser Noble
12.00 Over 100 years’ combined surveying experience. An interview with Jeffrey Casciani-Wood and Ian Nicolson
13.00 Things that go wrong in reports by Karen Brain
14.00 Stainless steels in marine applications with emphasis on susceptibility to corrosion by Mike Lewus (British Stainless Steel Association)
15.00 Tips and basic principles when surveying new build superyachts 30-60 metres by Capt Mark Souter
16.00 The danger of mold in the marine environment by Michael Pinto
17.00 Things you see on survey and cannot make up by Geoff Waddington, IIMS President

Marine Surveying International Fest III for cargo and commercial ship surveyors
Broadcasting on 2 December from 06.00 (London UK time).
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Here is the draft schedule with a couple of topics still to confirm and subject as always to amends and alterations:
06.00 Remote survey practical considerations- tips and techniques from the far end of the world by Adam Brancher
07.00 Liquefaction update by Capt Akshat Akora
08.00 Identifying “Facts without Fiction” in a survey report or a nomination/appointment by Capt Zarir Irani
09.00 Ultrasound as part of your Predictive Maintenance Program by Chris Hallum
10.00 Enclosed spaces: Why we are dying there by Capt Michael Lloyd
11.00 The use of drones in marine surveying by Steve Blair, Coptrz
12.00 Cyber security onboard ships by Capt Ruchin Dayal
13.00 Container Ships – Misdeclared cargoes – risky business by John Dolan, Deputy Director of Loss Prevention, Standard Club
14.00 Wakashio disaster:  How the crisis communications could have been better handled by Dustin Eno, COO, Navigate Response
15.00 Understanding the CTU Code by Bill Brassington
16.00 Relationship between the P&I Club and the Marine Surveyor by Petar Modev, Head of Ship Inspections, Thomas Miller P&I Club
17.00 Dynamic Positioning: What is it and what can go wrong by Maurice Pickles

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