LYBRA announces THE SUPERYACHT SHOW in Barcelona

The Superyacht Show in Barcelona
The Superyacht Show in Barcelona

The Large Yacht Brokers Association (LYBRA) has revealed plans for a new superyacht show with a “fresh, unique and appealing format”.

THE SUPERYACHT SHOW will take place from 2nd to 5th May 2018 at OneOcean Port Vell in Barcelona. According to organisers, it will offer buyers, charterers, brokers and representatives the opportunity to step aboard some of the finest superyachts in the world in an “exclusive and private setting”.

Traditionally, boat shows have had a strong business-to-business element whereby industry professionals come together to trade specialist products and services. These are essential elements for builders and operators, but they’re not conducive to creating a truly “luxury experience” for yacht buyers. As such, organisers say THE SUPERYACHT SHOW will be a client-centric showcase that delivers the optimum buyer experience by attracting the highest quality superyachts and yachting companies, the most prestigious sponsors, global luxury brands, and the most discerning visitors.

Jonathan Beckett, president of LYBRA, commented, “Our long-term plans for THE SUPERYACHT SHOW are ambitious but also realistic. The idea of a client-focused show was put forward several years ago and we’ve been working on the details for quite some time.

“We have a great team in place and while our expectations for the first year are modest, I’m confident we’re laying a very solid foundation for the future. 2018 will see the participation of all our member companies and in 2019 we aim to incorporate a number of top quality shipyards and other exhibitors. Everyone is welcome to visit the show since our ultimate aim is to benefit the clients, brokers and the industry as a whole.”

THE SUPERYACHT SHOW will be held in the private marina of OneOcean Port Vell in the heart of Barcelona. Ignacio Erroz, general manager of OneOcean Port Vell, said, “The luxury world is changing. Affluent clients are now increasingly driven by lifestyle experiences, creativity and individuality. They seek experiences that are inspiring and interesting. OneOcean Port Vell and our beautiful, vibrant city of Barcelona can offer an abundance of incredible things to see and do.

“We’re delighted to welcome THE SUPERYACHT SHOW and to host a world-class fleet that adds yet another attraction to the myriad wonders of our city.”

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