Major overhaul to the IIMS CPD programme announced

Approval stamp saying Eligible for CPD PointsAfter a period of review, the IIMS CPD (Continuing Professional Development) scheme is set for a major overhaul in 2017. Maintaining CPD is desirable for all members and the IIMS Management Board agreed the roll out of the new programme at their meeting in December. Full details of how to get involved with the new scheme will be announced in the coming weeks, both by email and in writing directly to members.

The new scheme will be based around the development and launch of a new App, currently in final testing, meaning that automation will make the whole CPD process far easier to manage and complete. The App, which will be freely downloadable, will work on a smart phone, but there is also an internet based version for use on PC and laptop too.

The current three year CPD cycle finishes with immediate effect. From 1 January 2017 the IIMS CPD scheme is based on one calendar year, in other words from January to December 2017 and so on. A member’s CPD account is now set to zero and any existing points are lost. The aim now is to acquire 10 CPD points in this and subsequent calendar years to keep up to date. The activities for how a member can claim points are slightly amended, but it is the administration of how to do it that alters significantly. To see how easy it is to acquire points, one can view the CPD points table here.

So here’s a brief overview of how it works
Each IIMS member will have has a unique log in, the same one used to access individual membership pages on the web site. Members will be encouraged to claim points in real time rather than saving up a claim for months. So for example, let’s say you attended an IIMS training day yesterday. At the end of the event, or on your return home, you can open the app to make a claim for 5 points for the training event from the drop down menu. You submit your claim. An automatic email comes back to you to advise you that your points claim has been submitted and will be verified soon. At the same time an email comes into IIMS advising us that you are claiming 5 points for attending the IIMS training day. The IIMS Membership Secretary will click to accept or decline your claim. Assuming your claim is verified and accepted, an email is automatically sent back to you to inform you that 5 CPD points have been added to your CPD account and that you only require 5 more points by 31 December 2017 to make your quota. This process repeats each time you make a successful CPD points claim, with the number required counting down. There is no limit to the number of points you can successfully claim in a year, but you will only be able to carry a total of 3 CPD points forward to the following year, which the app will automatically do. You can send attachments to substantiate your claims too if necessary. You will also have a record of all points achieved that you can refer back to at any time.

In the event you do not make any CPD points claims during the year, you will be reminded periodically and automatically by email that you have a duty and responsibility to acquire the necessary points by the 31 December.

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