New workboat code edition 2 is published by MCA

Following collaboration with a number of interested parties to gather industry feedback on the draft MSN for the Workboat Code: Edition 2, the MCA has now published the new Code. This Code applies to small workboats used commercially that operate at sea and to pilot boats of any size operating either at sea or in categorised waters (i.e. inland). It applies to United Kingdom vessels wherever they may be at, and to non-United Kingdom vessels in UK waters or operating from UK ports.

The workboat code edition 2 amends the original Code, “The Safety of Small Workboats and Pilot Boats – A Code of Practice” introduced in 1998, and applies to small workboats and pilot boats, the keels of which are laid, or are at a similar stage of construction, on or after 31 December 2018. This is defined in the Merchant Shipping Notice issued in accordance with the regulation 3(1) of the enabling regulations. From that date, this code supersedes the original Code, and also the use of Marine Guidance Note MGN 280(M)1 “Small Commercial Vessels and Pilot Boat Code of Practice” for small workboats and pilot boats and the Workboat Code Industry Working Group Technical Standard published in June 2014.

It should also be noted that where any existing vessel upgrades, and phases-in, to the Workboat Code Edition 2 regime, it must do so fully. A vessel cannot meet a combination of the Workboat Code Edition 2 standards and those of earlier codes or standards.

This Code must, from the date of publication (8 January 2019), be used for new workboats and pilot boats. Existing workboats that wish to meet this Code should do so as described by the Code and in full. This Code should be read in conjunction with MSN 1892 and SI 1998 No. 1609.

Click to download the 278 page Workboat Code: Edition 2: Workboat_Code Edition_2

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