Paris MOU updates the list of white, gray and black lists to be adopted from July 2021

The new 2021 Paris MOU Lists of flag states have been published
The new 2021 Paris MOU Lists of flag states have been published

The Paris MoU on Port State Control has updated its White, Gray, and Black lists and, from 1 July 2021, the 27 national maritime administrations that are parties to the agreement will be using an updated version of the list in targeting ships for inspections.

For several years the Paris MoU Committee has closely monitored the performance of recognized organizations (ROs), mostly classification societies acting on behalf of flag States. To calculate the performance of ROs, the same formula to calculate the excess factor of the flags is used. A minimum number of 60 inspections per RO is needed before the performance is taken into account for the list. In 2020, 32 ROs were recorded on the performance list.

Compared to last year’s performance level, says the Paris MoU, the RO performance level has slightly improved. The Paris MoU secretariat says it is noteworthy that, unlike in the past three years, no more ROs are categorized as very low performing.

The new list covers a total of 70 flags which are shown in the table as follows:
– 39 are on the White List
– 22 are on the Gray List
– 9 are on the Black List

In 2019 when the list was last reviewed, the total number of flag states was also 70 and split as follows:
– 41 were on the White List
– 16 were on the Gray List
– 13 were on the Black List

They have been risers and fallers on the lists as to be expected. Denmark now tops the list and has displaced the UK flag, which is now ranked at 13. The United States has moved up a few places from 33 to 40.

The top 10 best-performing flags in the new list are:
1 Denmark
2 Norway
3 Marshall Islands
4 Bermuda
5 Netherlands
6 Bahamas
7 Greece
8 Singapore
9 Cayman Islands
10 Japan

The list of the latest Black List flag states is as follows:
62 Tuvalu
63 Sierra Leone
64 Tanzania, United Republic of4
65 Belize
66 Moldova, Republic of
67 Comoros
68 Togo
69 Cameroon
70 Albania

Download the table in full: Paris MOU Lists

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