Commercial Ship Marine Surveying International Fest II


Originally broadcast live online on 12 December 2019, here is your chance to catch up on what you missed. Specifically aimed at Commercial Ship Marine Surveyors, all 12 presentations were captured on video and for one low cost of just £95 you can access the whole day’s content, which runs to almost 8 hours in total, much of it unique and not seen before.

Capt Zarir Irani, IIMS President talks about differentiating objectivity and subjectivity in a surveyor’s report
Hari Subramaniam tackles the topic of – The Human Element: Are we on the right track?
Yves Vandenboorn considers what are the key components of a good safety management system and how should it be checked by
Lawyer, Murali Pani, gives a collision case study with implications for surveyors and looks at the potential opportunities for surveyors presented by IMO 2020
Capt Rahul Khanna presents an overview of the Allianz Safety & Shipping Review 2019
Mike Schwarz offers up 19 tips for business success
Veteran surveyor, Mike Wall, presents a paper on container lashing failures and calculations
Peregrine Storrs-Fox tackles the subject of cargo integrity in the context of cargo inspections and surveys
Capt Neale Rodrigues give a detailed insight into what the PI Club excepts from a surveyor
Capt Henrik Uth talks about survey on demand, the digitization of the marine survey appointment
Chris Curran and James Munn deliver an excellent presentation about the surveyor and the insurer and mitigating losses
Graham Haines presents hatch cover tester and the latest features on Cygnus Multi Mode thickness gauges

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