Yacht & Small Craft Marine Surveying International Fest II


Broadcast live on 10 December 2019, here is your chance to catch up on what you missed. Specifically aimed at Yacht and Small Craft Marine Surveyors, all 12 presentations were captured on video and for one low cost of just £95 you can access the whole day’s content, which runs to over 10 hours of material in total, much of it unique and not seen before.

Paul Madeley gives a masterclass on the basics of surveying boat electrics
Karen Brain addresses the troublesome issue as the number and size of insurance claims is rising and gives ideas as to what can surveyors do to prevent this
Mike Schwarz tackles non-technical report writing tips and advice 19 tips for business success
Nick Parkyn presents using computers in marine surveying and the importance of GDPR
Marine surveying is an unregulated industry. Why? Geoff Waddington, IIMS Vice President, wonders why and talks openly on the subject
Nigel Clegg tackles the subject of moisture meters and dealing with osmosis
Jeffrey Casciani-Wood talks in depth about biological attack on iron and steel by recorded lecture
Craig Norton introduces the next gen report writing software
Alex Cottle presents the structure and manufacture of RIBs and meeting the necessary regulations by Islands RIBs
Phil Duffy talks about superyacht and yacht valuations
Ian Nicolson brought the Fest by talking about his remarkable career spanning 75 years of marine surveying

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