SYVR matchmaking platform and the International Institute of Marine Surveying announce joint initiative

Henrik Uth (pictured left) and Mike Schwarz
Henrik Uth (pictured left) and Mike Schwarz

After many months of discussion, SYVR, the first open worldwide matchmaking platform between clients and marine surveyors and the International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS), the leading global professional body for marine surveyors, have announced a joint working initiative.

The two organisations in parallel have been pushing technological boundaries for the marine surveying industry over the past two years. Both organisations are driven by the desire to increase marine surveying standards and to ensure that only those surveyors who have appropriate skills are engaged by clients to carry out surveys, meaning transparency for all. The smart SYVR App, launched in 2018, uses algorithms to assess a surveyor’s experience and specialism, then matches them to the client’s requirements when a request for survey is made. Over the same period IIMS has launched three Apps, including the Marine Surveyor Search App.

How SYVR automated application works:
– The marine surveyor creates an account at no cost and submits their CV with their areas of specialism via the online portal
– A basic company registration/CVR/name and compliance check is performed
– The CV, education and professional experience are broken down
– SYVR AI automatically calculates the marine surveyor’s seniority and experience from level 1-5

Originally launched with the commercial ship surveying sector firmly in mind, as part of this joint initiative, IIMS has scoped out key small craft specialisms which have been added to the SYVR platform and algorithm. IIMS will promote and recommend the SYVR platform to its members with the aim of further populating the platform. Additionally, those who decide to join the programme will be recognised with the IIMS logo on their listing to show they are a member of one of marine surveying’s most prestigious membership organisations. SYVR launched its first version in June 2018 and handled its first online instruction the month after.

Henrik Uth, SYVR Managing Director said, “By entering into this joint initiative, SYVR is confident it can increase its reach and penetration in the marine surveying sector. Our technology and matching process is working effectively. This initiative will allow us to take things to the next stage.”

IIMS Chief Executive Officer, Mike Schwarz, commented, “IIMS is delighted to be working with SYVR. As I have got to know Henrik in the past 18 months, it is clear that we share a common goal to drive up standards across the marine surveying sector. The coming together of two like-minded organisations that share a common goal is exciting, beneficial to both, to instructing clients and marine surveyors.”

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