The Navigator: A magazine for every ship

Nautical Institute Chief Executive Philip Wake
Nautical Institute Chief Executive Philip Wake

The Nautical Institute appealed to the maritime industry to help it get a copy of its free publication The Navigator onboard every SOLAS vessel to encourage the professionalism of watchkeepers.

The international professional membership organisation is reacting to concerns from the industry that casualties and near misses from navigational errors are increasing, and that navigational competence needs to be continually updated.

“Finding ways to increase the competence and professionalism of officers of the watch is one of the main concerns of our members,” Chief Executive Mr Philip Wake told a gathering of senior industry figures. “One of the ways we are working towards this goal is through our free publication The Navigator, which appears three times a year, highlighting some of the most important issues for them.”

He added: “In the year and a half since we began production, the publication has become a real success, with students, cadets and young officers telling us how much they appreciate it. But the challenge, as always, is getting the message to those people – and onboard those vessels – that will benefit the most.

“Now, thanks to the generosity of IFAN, the International Foundation for Aids to Navigation, we are in a position to put a copy on the bridge of every SOLAS vessel – potentially up to 100,000 magazines. In that way, we hope that watchkeepers will sign up to the digital version.”

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RINA classification society to tackle noise pollution

The RINA classification society to tackle noise pollution
The RINA classification society to tackle noise pollution

IMO has recently published MEPC Circ. 833 ‘Guidelines For The Reduction Of Underwater Noise From Commercial Shipping To Address Adverse Impacts On Marine Life’, which sets out to advise on design and operational solutions that could be adopted to reduce underwater radiated noise.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has developed the (ISO/PAS) 17208-1 Acoustics, Quantities and procedures for description and measurement of underwater sound from ships. Part 1: General requirements for measurements in deep water and ISO/DIS 16554. Ship and marine technology. Measurement and reporting of underwater sound radiated from merchant ships and deep water measurement.

Paolo Moretti, Head of the Marine Business Line, RINA Services, said, “Noise is the new pollution. The international community has raised concern that the underwater noise generated by commercial shipping may have negative consequences on marine life, especially marine mammals.

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Panama Canal to train pilots and tug captains

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAhead of the offical opening of the new third set of locks, the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) has announced it will charter a Post-Panamax vessel to be used for training purposes in the locks.

The Executive Vice President of Operations Esteban Saenz reported that the Panama Canal will charter a Post-Panamax ship to train pilots and tugboat captains that will assist in transits through the new lane. Saenz went on to add that the vessel will be used several months before the opening of the expanded Canal to test the new locks.

“This is one of the best ways to train our pilots and tug captains in the joint effort required to transit through the two new lock complexes of the expanded Canal,” said Saenz. He added that since 2011 the Panama Canal has promoted workforce training for the operation of the expanded waterway.

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SOHAR Port reaches milestone

SOHAR Port reaches milestone
SOHAR Port reaches milestone

SOHAR Port and Freezone, a deep sea port in the Middle East have reached a milestone with the arrival of the first 10,000 TEU ship at the newly expanded Oman International Container Terminal (OICT).

Under the watchful eye of His Excellency Dr Ahmed Mohammed Salem Al-Futaisi, Minister for Transport and Communication, SOHAR, the first 10,000 (TEU) ship, APL shipping line’s Savannah, to dock in the Port was welcomed.

OICT signed the development agreement early last year for expansion of a 70-hectare container terminal at SOHAR. The development will increase capacity from 800,000 TEU to 1,500,000 TEU and will also see yard space more than double from 28 hectares, installation of seven post-panamax quay cranes and 14 rubber-tyred gantry cranes.

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Human error the cause of Singapore accidents

The Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) conducted investigations to determine the causes of the three collisions resulting in oil spills in the Singapore Port waters and Singapore Strait earlier this year.

MPA also formed a Safety Review Committee (SRC) to review the overall system of navigational safety in Singapore Port waters and Singapore Strait. SRC was comprised of experts from MPA, Ministry of Transport, the local academia and shipping industry. The findings of the investigations showed that human error and poor judgment of the situation were the main causes of the three collisions. There was a lack of situational awareness of the bridge teams, including the pilots, although MPA’s Port Operations Control Centre (POCC) had provided advisories and warnings of the traffic situation to the bridge teams. The bridge teams also did not make use of all available means at their disposal, such as the Automatic Identification System (AIS), Automatic Radar Plotting Aid (ARPA), Radar, and Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) in order to to avoid the collisions.

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