UK MCA to launch a new digital vessel registration system

Capt Des Howell, Oceans HQ's maritime administration and registry expert
Capt Des Howell, Oceans HQ’s maritime administration and registry expert

The UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) has chosen Oceans HQ to provide a new digital vessel registration system. This is a major part of the MCA’s 2016-2017 business plan and should improve the way the flag administration provides a range of services.

Oceans HQ’s Vessel HQ software is already in operation with a number of other flag states. It is a software platform that maritime administrations use for managing the registry of ships and meeting their international obligations to the IMO. Oceans HQ partnered with Thoughtbot London to deliver the modern software solution to the MCA.

“Every modern maritime administration needs an electronic solution that allows instant access to data, while simultaneously creating outputs and enabling accurate changes to stored information,” said Oceans HQ maritime administration and registry expert Captain Des Howell.

“The demands of the international regulatory regime and the increased need to access fleet data and statistics make the development of an effective digital system a core component in delivering the required level of service and efficiency,” he added. Oceans HQ is using Thoughtbot London’s expertise in using Agile software development to replace the legacy systems at the MCA. The solution for the MCA will be built using the same framework as the UK Government’s ‘’ web-based domain. The project includes a number of public interfaces that will enable the submission of online forms and information via official online channels.

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