The International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS) is an independent, non-political organisation promoting the professionalism, recognition and training of marine surveyors worldwide. 

The IIMS defines marine surveying as:

"The service provided to maritime and transport organisations in general and the production of guidance reports for all other bodies connected with maritime operations or maritime trade".

The IIMS is a membership organisation and since 2004 has increased its membership worldwide to cover 98 countries.  It is the largest organisation of its kind in the world, and seeks to represent its industry to government and non governmental organisations such as the International Marine Organisation (IMO), Coastguards, insurance companies and ship owners.

IIMS Services

The IIMS provides services to its members and Allied Organisations, the commercial shipping sector and the boating public.  Services include:

Using an IIMS Surveyor

Commissioning marine surveying work is a crucial part of ensuring that your vessel(s), whether commercial or private leisure, are seaworthy, comply with the relevant maritime standards and will meet insurance and finance requirements.

Choosing the right surveyor can be fraught with difficulty.

The IIMS makes identifying the right surveyor very easy for you.  Using their global register you can you can browse the profiles of hundreds of marine surveyors around the world and ensure that the surveyor you choose has the right qualifications and experience for your job.

Individual Membership

Membership of the IIMS is open to professional marine surveyors.  The benefits of membership include access to industry knowledge and peer networking alongside professional development opportunities and the global recognition of the IIMS as a standard bearer within marine surveying.  For more information, see
Membership Benefits.

Organisational Alliances

Organisations may be interested in becoming an Allied Organisation of the Institute.  This option is open to other marine surveying bodies worldwide.  Our Allied Organisations benefit from the global reach of the IIMS with events such as our regional conferences in 22 regions around the world and an annual conference at the heart of the shipping industry in London.  We use our combined lobbying power to ensure the surveying industry is represented at the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).  For more information see Benefits of Becoming an Allied Organisation.