Coronavirus makes an urgent rethink for the marine surveying profession mandatory

Since I recently published my most recent Coronavirus advice to marine surveyors who travel internationally for work, the situation surrounding the pandemic has worsened dramatically in just a few days. The world we knew has ended abruptly. Put simply, marine surveyors are certain not to be travelling cross-border for work given the alacrity with which most countries are racing to close their borders.

This presents a challenge to the marine surveying profession like never before and one which none of us has witnessed in our lifetimes – and there is no easy or obvious solution either.

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We are living in dark and challenging times

I didn’t intend for the title of this blog, or indeed its content, to be gloomy, but it seems to reflect what is going on generally here and in the wider world. And as the ‘glass half full’ person that I am it should not mask the extraordinary things that are going on and bubbling under away from this darkness. The gloominess is, of course, led by the continuing and uncertain spread of Coronavirus (more on that in a moment), coupled with the incessant rain and high winds we have experienced in the UK for several weeks, resulting in the worst flooding I can recollect in my lifetime. And as I look out of my office window, it is pouring with rain once again. Yes there are certainly reasons to be miserable!

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Welcome to the roaring 2020s; let’s make it safer than the last decade!

Not the first to wish you Happy New Year I am sure, but I would like to offer marine surveyors, boat and ship owners and all those involved in maritime trade around the globe best wishes as we enter the new decade – and what a decade it promises to be.

If I have one wish for the 2020s it is simply this – let’s collectively strive to make this decade a safer one than the last one with fewer fatalities and casualties at sea! Of course marine surveyors have an underlying and pivotal role to play in the quest to keep lives safe at sea. As the leading worldwide body for the profession, I pledge that IIMS will do whatever it can to support, train and develop existing and new entrant marine surveyors to enable them to deliver great survey work at the top of their game.

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