The Report Magazine

The Report Magazine is the official publication of the International Institute of Marine Surveying.

The Institute publishes the Report Magazine four times per year in March, June, September and December. Members are invited to (and do) submit articles regularly for publication, which entitles them to CPD points too. If you wish to send an article for publication please email us.

Each issue will appeal to big ship and small craft surveyors alike. Its content is also highly relevant to P&I Clubs, vessel operators, marine insurers and others involved in the maritime sector. Each issue will be a mix of technical articles and more general features related to the profession of marine surveying. Some of this editorial content is supplied by members and the rest is specially commissioned by the editor.

The Report Magazine September 2020

Another record breaking edition, this issue of The Report is the largest ever output by the Institute at 112 pages. The highlights and feature articles include:

– The elephant in the room: What do remote surveys mean for the marine surveying profession?
– What surveyors ought to know about Fastenings Part II
– Sacrificial anodes – a waste of money?
– Cyber security and ships
– Decarbonizing shipping: the role of internal combustion engines
– Why do container stacks collapse and who is liable?
– Making ship systems smarter with simulation
– The Wakashio incident. Was the Mauritian Government prepared?
– A Day in the Life of Jeffrey Casciani-Wood
– The making of the new Norwegian research vessel RV Kronprinz Hakkon

Read the September 2020 Report Magazine online in e-reader format or in pdf format at The Report Magazine September 2020.

The Report Magazine June 2020

The biggest ever Report Magazine published. The highlights are:

– How to survey a mast, its rigging and sails
– Five ways in which shipping is using AI to enhance performance management
– Fastenings: What a marine surveyor ought to know (Part I)
– Managing the most extreme remote workers
– Colregs: Still fit for purpose?
– The inland waterways boatbuilding industry
– The shipping industry must adapt if it’s to survive in the modern world
– Airborne and structure borne ultrasound as a key component to predictive maintenance
– What’s required to construct a new vessel type packed full of innovations?
– Marine market is urged to reinforce its support for the average adjusting profession
– A day in the Life of Sarah White

Read the June 2020 Report Magazine online in e-reader format or in pdf format at The Report Magazine June 2020

The Report Magazine March 2020

Highlights of this 104 page publication include:
– The danger of mould in the marine environment – Critical information surveyors need to know
– Maritime training 2020 and beyond
– Hell on Water: Container fires on ships are becoming increasingly common and dangerous
– Is compliance enough?
– Misdeclared cargoes
– Development of the smart container project
– Full report of the IIMS Baltimore Conference with photos
– A Day in the Life of Capt Sanjay Bhasin
– Tips for effective report writing
– Lubricant sampling, analysis and test in predictive maintenance
– New safety briefings
– Review of the 2010 decade

Read the March 2020 Report Magazine online in e-reader format or in pdf format at The Report Magazine March 2020

The Report Magazine December 2019

Highlights of the publication – the biggest Report Magazine ever published at 108 pages – include:
– Special features and articles about IMO 2020
– End of life boats and what to do with them
– Biological corrosion and what surveyors should know
– How to get super rich by selling superyachts
– Insurance claims are increasing – what can surveyors do about this?
– Full report of the UAE Branch Conference with photos
– A Day in the Life of David Pestridge
– Risk assessment and management
– CEO round up of the year
– New safety briefings
– A wealth of member and marine news, plus a roundup of new products hitting the market

Read the December 2019 Report Magazine online in e-reader format or in pdf format at The Report Magazine December 2019

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