IIMS set to collate an international database of known vessel faults

The International Institute of Marine Surveying has set up a campaign to develop a database of known faults in production boats. The Institute is inviting its members who are actively engaged in the sub 24 metre yacht and small craft marine surveying sector to provide examples of known faults.

It is obvious that prior knowledge of known faults before attending survey is of huge relevance to a surveyor. Speaking with surveyors, it is abundantly clear that there are a number of known faults common to some makes of boat.

So, what constitutes a known fault? What IIMS is looking for is the same fault that has been observed on two identical boats. This might be, for example, cracking around the keel area, electrical system defects or engines that are known to have faults. This is not a witch-hunt against yacht and boat builders and equipment suppliers, rather an attempt to give the small craft surveyor some vital additional information as part of their toolkit. Submissions to IIMS can be made anonymously.

Read the press release in full: IIMS set to collate international database of known faults

Free Marine Surveyor Search App launched by IIMS

Finding a marine surveyor just got even easier with the launch of the free Marine Surveyor Search App from IIMS.

The International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS) has launched a new free App for iOS and Android devices that makes finding a commercial, or yacht and small craft marine surveyor by area, or specialization, fast and simple. Not only a key benefit for members of IIMS, it will make the search for a surveyor easier for the boating and yachting public, brokers, P&I Clubs, marine insurers – in fact anyone needing the services of a marine surveyor on an occasional or ongoing basis.

The App can be downloaded in the usual way from either the Google Play Store or App Store. Just search for’ Marine Surveyor Search’.

Read the press release in full: Marine Surveyor Search App launched by IIMS

IIMS launches its unique online Marine Surveying International Fest 2018

IIMS, the leading worldwide professional body for marine surveyors, decided it was overdue that marine surveyors have their own special day – a day that celebrates and recognises the importance of their profession. So, IIMS has created the inaugural International Marine Surveying Fest 2018, a 24 hour marine surveying online jamboree. The date for this innovative and eye-catching event, supported by Constellation Marine Services and the Nautical Institute, is Tuesday 6th into Wednesday 7th November. No matter what time zone you are in, or area of surveying or the marine industry you work in, the Fest aims to offer something of interest to you.

The Marine Surveying International Fest 2018 is an online only event and will be anchored and hosted from the IIMS head office in the UK. The 24 hour non-stop online marathon starts at 11.00 (UK time) on 6th November opened by Mike Schwarz, IIMS CEO in discussion with Capt John Lloyd, Nautical Institute CEO and running non-stop until 11.00 (UK time) on 7th November.

Read the press release in full: IIMS Marine Surveying International Fest 2018

Australian commercial vessel safety system concerns highlighted in IIMS survey

The International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS) has released details of a poll undertaken in the past week amongst its Australian members, which reveals serious concerns in the industry about the operation of the new national system for commercial vessel safety introduced by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) on 1 July 2018.

The survey of 60 local IIMS members found that over half of respondents believe the new system will result in vessels being less safe to operate; 29% said they will be far less safe. Nearly two-thirds of respondents (64%) said they found it either difficult or very difficult to access information, understand legislative requirements and get decisions from AMSA, while 79% said that AMSA did not listen to surveyors, or takes their views into account when formulating policy and systems. Read the press release in full: IIMS survey on Australian national vessel safety scheme changes

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