IIMS proposal to deliver remote small craft tonnage measurement surveyor training approved by MCA

A proposal by IIMS to extend its popular face-to-face tonnage measurement training into an innovative remote online format has been approved by the Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA). This training is available to both IIMS members and non-members. But to become formally authorized to process tonnages through IIMS, (where the Institute has registry agreements in place – see list below), Part I and Part II must be completed, and you need to be a member. Those who wish to study Part I only, UK tonnage measurement theory, may do so to extend their surveying knowledge.

IIMS is innovating using smart technology to deliver a new methodology of authorizing tonnage surveyors. IIMS is the first to be able to offer tonnage measurement theory training remotely to surveyors anywhere in the world who are involved with vessels up to 24 metres.

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