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New automated mooring technology now operational for tankers

Cavotec’s EX-certified MoorMaster automated mooring units have supported the first ever transfer of LNG from a ship to a floating LNG platform. MoorMaster is a vacuum-based automated mooring technology that eliminates the need for conventional mooring lines. Remote-controlled vacuum pads recessed in, or mounted on the quayside or pontoons, moor and release vessels within 30 seconds.

Gas Natural Fenosa and Connect LNG successfully conducted a commercial LNG delivery with a Universal Transfer System in Norway on October 7. The system was fitted with two MoorMaster units – the first EX- and DNV GL-certified automated mooring systems ever built. Continue reading “New automated mooring technology now operational for tankers”

Manhole cover leakage leads Steamship Mutual to issue an alert

Photo credit: Steamship Mutual P&I Club
Photo credit: Steamship Mutual P&I Club

The Steamship Mutual P&I Club has published an alert following a spate of claims for cargo damage and other liabilities that have been caused by leakage from the manhole covers of either ballast or bunker tanks.

In some of the most recent cases, the manhole covers had either been left completely unattached, or were improperly fitted allowing leakage into the adjacent cargo hold when the tank was filled.

The Club notes that manhole covers on vertical bulkheads, such as those on wing tanks or side tanks of container ships, are generally Continue reading “Manhole cover leakage leads Steamship Mutual to issue an alert”

Following recent fires, IUMI urges improved firefighting systems on boxships

A combination of ever larger container vessels, coupled with a number of recent fires on board boxships has caused the International Union of Marine Insurance (IUMI) to call for better firefighting systems. IUMI is concerned that current provisions are inadequate. Consequently it and has published a paper calling for better onboard firefighting systems specifically for container vessels.

Whilst IUMI expressly welcomes the 2014 amendment to the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) to increase the effectiveness of firefighting, the association believes more should be done.

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Ecospeed hard coating stands up to polar research conditions

Subsea Industries’ Ecospeed hull protection system will be applied to the hull of the 15,000 gt RRS Sir David Attenborough, the polar research ship under construction at the Cammell Laird shipyard in Birkenhead, Liverpool for British Antarctic Survey (BAS).

The decision to apply the Ecospeed hard coating to the hull of the new polar ship has been validated by the recent drydocking of sister vessel RRS Ernest Shackleton. The 80 m long vessel, coated with Ecospeed in 2009, drydocked last month at the Orskov shipyard, in Frederikshavn, Denmark, where the hull was found to be in “very good condition.”

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New unified ship design revealed by Rolls-Royce

Marine giant, Rolls-Royce, has showcased an extensive overhaul of its design philosophy which it believes will set the tone for the immediate future. Their aim is to optimise construction and operations without reducing the use of available space on board. As a consequence, any Rolls-Royce designed vessel will become instantly recognizable worldwide no matter what type it is.

The new design incorporates four key features in each design. These are:
– a knuckle line that slopes down towards the bow and links the new designs with older UT and NVC designs,
– a vertical side area and
– vertical upper stem, which simplify the design and decouples the hull form from the superstructure.
– a topside sheer line with a small convex curvature.

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