Welcome to the roaring 2020s; let’s make it safer than the last decade!

Not the first to wish you Happy New Year I am sure, but I would like to offer marine surveyors, boat and ship owners and all those involved in maritime trade around the globe best wishes as we enter the new decade – and what a decade it promises to be.

If I have one wish for the 2020s it is simply this – let’s collectively strive to make this decade a safer one than the last one with fewer fatalities and casualties at sea! Of course marine surveyors have an underlying and pivotal role to play in the quest to keep lives safe at sea. As the leading worldwide body for the profession, I pledge that IIMS will do whatever it can to support, train and develop existing and new entrant marine surveyors to enable them to deliver great survey work at the top of their game.

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Exhibition and celebration times are upon us

The IIMS head office team as you have not seen them before at play on their team building event
The IIMS head office team as you have not seen them before at play on their team building event

The past few weeks have vanished in a haze. So what’s new I hear you say? But it’s all good as we are now mid way between the two biggest exhibitions in the world for the boating industry – METS and IBEX. I recently attended IBEX in Tampa alongside our USA Regional Director, James Renn. It is a big event and we met some fascinating people and potential future members of the Institute. I won’t be at METS this year, so will miss the chance to catch up with colleagues and industry friends this time round.

My reason for missing METS is simple. I will be part of the IIMS UAE Branch’s celebrations taking place on 20th November onboard the QE2, now permanently moored in Dubai. It promises to be a great event and a high turn out is expected to mark this event. Perhaps I will meet you there?

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The opportunities that long haul flights present for strategic thinking

Long haul flights present the perfect downtime for thinking and reflection in my opinion. Those endless hours whiling away the time in the air, wondering how many more absurd movies you can watch or books you can read, is a challenge! It’s true, I do a lot of strategic thinking when I travel. My colleagues tease me whenever I come back from a long trip as my head is stuffed with good ideas, well some are good, some less so.

How lucky for me then that I am about to head out to Australia the week after next – more thinking time – stopping in Singapore on the way back. I am particularly thrilled at the number of members and non-members who have signed up for the two day IIMS Australia seminar in Brisbane. We are quite a crowd. I am very much looking forward to meeting both those I know well and those who I have never Continue reading “The opportunities that long haul flights present for strategic thinking”

Reflections on a memorable 2019 IIMS London Conference

Mike Schwarz (right) welcomes Toastmaster, Richard Palmer, to 10/11 Carlton House Terrace

Great venues. Brilliant speaker content on a range of relevant surveying topics. Meeting old friends and colleagues. Excellent food and the odd beer or two. What’s not to like about an IIMS London Conference? OK so we had non stop rain and a train strike to contend with, but that did not put a dampener on proceedings! Judging by my email inbox, the event would seem to have been a great success not only for those who joined us in person, but also for our increasing number of online delegates who joined online from far afield via Zoom. If I have one regret it is simply that only 75 of our near 1,000 members were present and exposed to some wonderful and pertinent content.

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