Maritime Safety Report 2012-2021

Shipping has seen a significant improvement in safety over the past decade as higher standards of ship construction and operation have cut the number of casualties, but emerging risks from new fuels and digital technologies must be mitigated to maintain progress, according to DNV.

It follows the release of a major new analysis, ‘Maritime Safety 2012-2021: a decade of progress’, from Lloyd’s List Intelligence and DNV that shows a marked decline in casualties, losses and detentions over the period.

Between 2012 and 2021, the tally of annual casualties declined 20% from 1922 to 1537 and losses resulting from casualties dropped 56% Continue reading “Maritime Safety Report 2012-2021”

Leading Maritime Cities report 2022 by DNV and Menon published

The 2022 edition of the Leading Maritime Cities (LMC) report was launched at an event hosted by the Singapore Maritime Foundation (SMF).

There have been many dramatic developments since the last edition of the LMC report was published in 2019. For one, we are still living with the pandemic. Two years of fluctuating restrictions have caused severe trade and travel upsets. Extreme weather events have made us all more acutely aware of the climate crisis, another major driver of change. Shipowners, charterers, cargo owners and lenders are gearing up for a decarbonized future, with rapid adoption of zero-carbon fuels expected over the next decade. Ongoing digitalization, including Continue reading “Leading Maritime Cities report 2022 by DNV and Menon published”

New guidance published to help reduce pilot transfer fatalities

The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) along with the International Maritime Pilots’ Association (IMPA) published the guide “Shipping Industry Guidance on Pilot Transfer Arrangements”, updating maritime pilot transfer safety procedures amid industry concerns about poorly rigged ladders causing severe injuries or fatalities.

Seafarers should always check the condition of the ladder before it is rigged and ensure it is secured to the ship. While this is done, seafarers should always take care of their own safety, wearing all appropriate PPE. If seafarers are uncertain about any of the Continue reading “New guidance published to help reduce pilot transfer fatalities”

Recent MCA documentation amendments released in December 2021

The UK maritime regulator, the Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA), has issued and distributed the following new documentation over the past few weeks.

02 December 2021
SI 2021 No. 1316 – The Merchant Shipping (Radiocommunications) (Amendment) Regulations 2021
View details Continue reading “Recent MCA documentation amendments released in December 2021”

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