IIMS Head Office at Portchester, Hampshire, UK
IIMS Head Office at Portchester, Hampshire, UK

IIMS membership is open to professional marine surveyors from any worldwide location and other suitable applicants from the maritime sector, who have sufficient and relevant experience and who meet the Institute’s joining criteria. From large yacht and small craft surveyors to specialists in containers, hull condition surveys and fruit surveying, from those who survey offshore vessels and rigs, we welcome your application. Applications are also encouraged through the supporting categories for non-surveying people and organisations that have an interest in the marine surveying profession.

Benefits of membership include access to industry news and knowledge, peer networking opportunities, plus continuing professional development, training and education opportunities, a prominent listing on the IIMS website and the global recognition of the IIMS as a standard bearer within the marine surveying industry.

Not convinced yet? Read the pdf brochure with essential details about the Institute: IIMS information Booklet. Download the membership application forms below to make your formal application, or email us for further information about membership.

Membership of IIMS is open to a range of applicants

• Qualified mariners, surveyors and other marine consultants from any country in the world;
• Qualified individuals from any country in the world having either served on board a ship, or appropriate land based expertise;
• Non-surveying individuals whose knowledge and experience is beneficial to the Institute;
• Corporations involved in the maritime sector whose membership will contribute to the aims and objectives of the Institute;
• Non-surveyors who join an IIMS education programme (students).

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hqlogoThe annual membership subscription is due for payment in January of each year.  The amount is fixed by the Management Board and subject to ratification at the Annual General Meeting. Membership of the IIMS is subject to a non-refundable administration fee of £75, which is payable at the time of application. If successful in your application, an additional invoice will be sent based on the level of membership you have been recommended for. From June each year, membership fees are on a pro rata basis.

Subscription rates
IIMS membership subscription rates range from as little as £76 to £245 per annum depending on the category. Please email IIMS for an annual subscription cost based on your location.

Or use the links below to make your application to join.

Please note with each application the relevant experience word document should also be completed and returned with your application form

IIMS Membership Application Form (word format)
Membership Application Form Guidance Notes (word format)

Large Commercial Vessel – Experience (word format)
Large Yacht & Small Craft – Experience (word format)

IIMS Membership Upgrade Application Form (word format)
Upgrade membership Application Form Guidance Notes (word format)

Application for Corporate and Corporate Supporting Members (word format)
Corporate Guidance Notes for Completing Application Form (word format)

Payment Methods
The Institute accepts various payment methods and sterling cheques, or bank drafts drawn on a London bank are also acceptable.



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