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The IIMS publishes a regular monthly electronic News Bulletin that carries up to date information about Head Office activities and initiatives as well as news, details about forthcoming and recent events and current affairs from around the international IIMS family.

All monthly News Bulletins can be viewed in pdf format.

News Bulletin June

Halfway through the year already? Extraordinary. The past month for me has been administratively top heavy and burdensome. A few days with the Western Mediterranean LYSCWG was a welcome and much needed escape.

The June Report magazine is published. The centrepiece 12-page article is about our office, Murrills House, Portchester. I am teasing you again by not saying what the significance of this article is, suffice to say this breaking news is highly significant for the Institute and its members. Click to read the latest copy of The Report.

And our latest handy guide has been published, this one entitled What a marine surveyor needs to know about paint failure, corrosion and rectification by Peter Morgan and Roger Weatherhead – and the biggest booklet to date at 224 pages. It is a corker of a publication and as I look back now following the publication of what is the twentieth handy guide in the series since we started three years or so ago, it is with a sense of great pride at this landmark! Click here to view this and 19 other handy guides.

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News Bulletin May 2019

The IIMS London Conference 2019, Dinner and AGM at Regent’s University will be upon us soon, taking place on 17/18 June. The event will draw members together from around the world and offers not only some excellent presentations to learn from, but also the chance to network with other surveyors from all branches of the profession. And remember this year the Conference is open to both real time and online only delegates. Please reserve your place now by clicking here. There have been a couple of tweaks and additions to the speaker schedule. It is perhaps wrong to single out individual speakers, but we are especially interested to hear about cyber security in the marine sector. President, Capt Zarir Irani, and Keith Chappell will address this hot topic in separate presentations on each day. Guest of Honour at the IIMS Conference dinner on Monday 17 June at 10-11 Carlton House Terrace is Capt Andrew Moll, Chief Executive, MAIB, who will speak.

The past month has seen IIMS deliver more quality training activities. In early April a group of surveyors attended our one-day tonnage training course at Itchenor Sailing Club. And just last week, a group of around 20 surveyors took part in what proved to be an excellent two-day event at the Western Mediterranean Large Yacht & Small Craft Working Group in Palma, culminating in a practical sea trial demonstration. There are more detailed reports in this news bulletin about both events.

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News Bulletin April 2019

We all love to knock new technology it seems don’t we? For many of us, technology can be something of an Achilles heel and because we do not understand it, we go slightly negative and on the defensive! However, I have been genuinely taken aback by the initial feedback following the launch of the IIMS Marine Surveyor Search App last month. Comments received such as “Simplicity itself” and “Fabulous cutting-edge initiative IIMS” have certainly buoyed me up. One gets so close to these projects during the development phase, so it is pleasing to get positive early feedback from real users who see instant benefit. Interestingly only a handful of IIMS members have yet to download the App. I urge you to do so. This is a helpful link to help you do that.

Our first push PR campaign has seen 18 publications pick up and run the story about the new App, including titles as diverse as Boating Business to The Digital Ship and Sea Technology. The early stats are encouraging too with over one hundred App downloads in the first ten days and some activity between those looking for a marine surveyor and the members listed on the App already taking place. I will keep you up-to-date as it develops.

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News Bulletin March 2019

The first quarter of 2019 is proving to be exceptionally busy at IIMS and the Marine Surveying Academy. We are hard at work with several significant initiatives under development and you can expect to see various announcements over the year. The first initiative of the year, however, is launched today. After more than a year of planning and detailed development work, I am delighted to announce the launch of the Marine Surveyor Search App, the third App to be produced for us by eDot solutions in Goa.

All practicing IIMS members will appear on the App free. It is not designed to replace the web site search facility, but in this modern world where people use many methods to find the information they need, it offers another essential marketing route for surveyors to allow potential clients to find you. I would urge you to download the App and check your listing to ensure it is correct and as you wish it to appear. The launch of this exciting new App is being backed by a substantial PR campaign to the marine industry.

And finally, The Report Magazine has been published today and is available to read online as a pdf or in eReader format at . I recommend you to access the 88 page publication and have a read. There are some fascinating articles covering a variety of surveying subjects.

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