IIMS Officials

Peter Broad FIIMS is the current President of IIMS
Peter Broad FIIMS is the current President of IIMS

Current IIMS officials are as follows:

Mr Peter Broad (South Korea)

Capt. Ruchin Dayal (Goa, India)

Mr Michael Proudlove (UK)

Mr Geoff Waddington (UK)

Mr Paul Homer: Chairman of Standards 
Mr Fraser Noble: Chairman of the Certifying Authority
Capt. Chris Kelly: Chairman of the Professional Assessment Committee
Mr Geoff Waddington: Chairman of Administration 
Mr John Heath: Technical Response Team
Capt. Allen Brink: Regional Director of South Africa
Mr James Renn
Mr Elliott Berry
Mr John Walker
Mr Graeme Temple
Capt. Sanjay Bhasin
Mr David Pestridge

Mr Pervez Kaikobad: Regional Director of India
Capt. Zarir Irani: Regional Director of UAE
Capt. Zillur Bhuiyan: Regional Director of Bangladesh
Capt. K U R Khan: Regional Director of Pakistan
Mr James Newcombe: Regional Director of Australia and New Zealand 

Corresponding members and overseas representatives are part of the IIMS officials
Corresponding members and overseas representatives are part of the IIMS officials

Mr P Ch Lagoussis (East Africa)
Mr Bjorn Julius (Scandinavia)
Mr Zennon Cheng: (China)
Capt. B Khoo (Malaysia)
Capt. G Villasenor (Mexico)
Mr Srecko Favro (Croatia)
Mr D Edery (Peru)
Mr J Bru (Panama)
Mr P Taylor (Trinidad)
Mr P Thomas (Philippines)
Mr Gudiker Jugo (Venezuela)
Mr Luv Verley (Singapore)
Mr J Rowles (Turkey)
Mr Alessio Gnecco (Italy)
Capt. Reuben Lanfranco (Malta)

The 2023 IIMS Management Board pictured below.
Top row from left: Paul Homer, Fraser Noble, Capt Chris Kelly, Geoff Waddington.
Second row from left: John Heath, Capt Allen Brink, Capt Sanjay Bhasin, David Pestridge.
Third row from left: Capt Zarir Irani, Peter Broad, Capt Ruchin Dayal, James Renn.
Fourth row from left: Graeme Temple, Mike Proudlove, Elliott Berry, John Walker.














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