IIMS and BSSA to deliver a special one day seminar entitled Marine Corrosion and its Prevention in Small Vessels

IIMS has joined forces with the British Stainless Steel Association (BSSA) to deliver an essential one day seminar called ‘Marine Corrosion and its Prevention in Small Vessels’. The day’s seminar programme will be delivered by Dr Mike Lewus, Technical Advisor, BSSA on Tuesday 23 January 2018 at a venue to be announced soon close to Portsmouth. Delegates who cannot be there in person may join online live via Zoom. IIMS was so impressed with Mike when he spoke at the London Conference on the same topic, that they have engaged him to expand his presentation into a whole day’s seminar. And this is the result.

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IIMS and eCMID Singapore seminars 2017

IIMS has planned and organised a three day programme of events taking place in Singapore from 31 July to 2 August 2017.

Venue: Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore by Shangri-la
1A Cuscaden Road, Orchard, 249716 Singapore
See hotel web site

The three day event provisional programme comprises in brief:
Monday 31 July: International Institute of Marine Surveying Seminar
Tuesday 1 August: eCMID AVI Seminar
Wednesday 2 August: eCMID AVI Accreditation Course Continue reading

Inaugural eCMID Conference report

Lead tutor, Capt Ian Coates, addressing the first eCMID conference

Lead tutor, Capt Ian Coates, addressing the first eCMID conference

IIMS in conjunction with Marine Surveying Academy delivered a hugely successful first eCMID one day Conference, which took place in Amsterdam by Schiphol Airport on 25 April.

The feedback from the event, which drew around 40 delegates, was extraordinarily positive. On behalf of IMCA, Chris Baldwin said how delighted he was with the number of Accredited Vessel Inspectors that have already come forward to join and be accepted on the scheme. He praised IIMS for their delivery of the programme and its robustness.

eCMID AVIs play a key role inspecting and auditing offshore vessels in the oil and gas and renewables sectors. The Conference was a chance for some of them to come together to network with other AVIs and to learn abut the programme and its constituent components.

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Report on LYSCWG Palma training

A group of 15 IIMS members and non-members came together for the two day IIMS Western Mediterranean LYSCWG training event – something of an annual gathering these days. Despite inclement weather on the first morning, the group followed a classroom session about NDT testing gauges by going under several vessels made of different materials to test the kit. Thanks to Jon Sharland from Tritex NDT for bringing his gear over from the UK.

Ian Lewis gave an insight into cold cure products manufactured and marketed by Wencon. Those present were genuinely impressed to see examples of applications that had been carried out to effect repairs. After lunch, the group were guests of the Global Yachting Group and Continue reading

New handy guide surveying metal craft published by IIMS

IIMS has added to its series of handy guides with the publication of what a marine surveyor needs to know about surveying metal craft

IIMS has added to its series of handy guides with the publication of what a marine surveyor needs to know about surveying metal craft

IIMS has released for publication a new handy guide entitled What a Marine Surveyor needs to know about surveying metal craft. This brings the total number of publications in the What a Marine Surveyor needs to know about handy guide series to thirteen. More manuscripts are in the pipeline too and will be published as the year goes by.

Steel boats may be made of a variety of metals. Very old vessels may be built of iron. Ordinary carbon steel, usually called mild steel, is commonly used. Shipbuilding quality steel is not used as much as it is not easy to source. Cor-Ten steel is sold as a low rust product, but there is no universal opinion about this special formula.

In this handy guide on surveying metal craft, written by the doyen of marine surveyors, Ian Nicolson draws on some comparisons:
Surveyors are detectives, looking for clues. When they find them, they have to deduce what caused such things as discolouration, dents or broken fastenings. Surveying is also like veterinary work, as both practitioners cannot get answers to questions asked. Good eyesight, excellent lighting and an enquiring mind which never falters on the job are what surveyors need.

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