Report by MB92 looks at challenges for the superyacht industry to become sustainable

The superyacht industry is running out of time to course-correct on sustainability if it and its playground – the oceans – are to survive the century, a new report finds.

“The cost of inaction is evident and will be extremely dire for our oceans and industry,” said Pepe García-Aubert, president and CEO of the MB92 Group. “However, I am convinced that through a collaborative approach, our industry can rise to the challenge and achieve our goal of a sustainable future for superyachting.” Continue reading “Report by MB92 looks at challenges for the superyacht industry to become sustainable”

Superyacht builders invest in ocean conservation

A group of shipyards has committed to reinvesting in the regeneration and conservation of the oceans and is urging others to join them.

Abeking & Rasmussen, Ameryachts, Baglietto, Feadship, Gulf Craft, Heesen Yachts, Horizon Yachts, Lürssen Yachts, Oceanco, Royal Huisman, Sanlorenzo, Silveryachts, Southern Wind, Tankoa, Turquoise Yachts and Vitters are the first builders so far to agree to reinvest based on the gross tonnage (GT) of yachts they deliver.

“An innovative approach towards ecological transition is about acknowledging the ocean-climate nexus and the central role of marine ecosystem conservation for a healthy planet,” said Dr Vienna Eleuteri, Water Revolution Foundation’s initiator and sustainability scientist. “I am very pleased with this group of builders taking the lead in setting up structural reinvestment by the yachting sector to regenerate our Continue reading “Superyacht builders invest in ocean conservation”

Superyachts must do more to raise on-board safety says Lloyd’s Register

Lloyd’s Register, the world’s largest yacht classification society, is calling on the industry to step up enforcement of safety at sea rules.

“The number one priority of any yacht should be to provide a quality service, but with safety being one of the most dominant values,” said Thomas Zeferer, manager of marine training services for Northern Europe at Lloyd’s Register.

“A culture of behaviour-based safety must start from the top (and) filter down to the guests. Setting the right example means providing quality service, but also telling guests when they are doing something that is fundamentally unsafe.” Continue reading “Superyachts must do more to raise on-board safety says Lloyd’s Register”

New sustainable propulsion to be offered by Rolls-Royce from 2022

Rolls-Royce has announced it is set to launch a range of sustainable solutions for yachts, starting with IMO III propulsion for production yachts from spring 2022. Along with the company announcing the first mtu-IMO-III systems for series yachts for 2022, Rolls-Royce says its mtu hybrid solutions will be on the market as of 2023, and mtu yacht engines certified for sustainable fuels as of 2023.

The first large yachts are already running with mtu systems based on the mtu Series 4000, which are certified for IMO III emissions regulations. Joining the market in April 2022 will be mtu Series 2000 propulsion systems with exhaust gas after treatment for production yachts.

Continue reading “New sustainable propulsion to be offered by Rolls-Royce from 2022”

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