The Report Magazine

The Report Magazine is the official publication of the International Institute of Marine Surveying.

The Institute publishes the Report Magazine four times per year in March, June, September and December. Members are invited to (and do) submit articles regularly for publication, which entitles them to CPD points too. If you wish to send an article for publication please email us.

Each issue will appeal to big ship and small craft surveyors alike. Its content is also highly relevant to P&I Clubs, vessel operators, marine insurers and others involved in the maritime sector. Each issue will be a mix of technical articles and more general features related to the profession of marine surveying. Some of this editorial content is supplied by members and the rest is specially commissioned by the editor.

The Report Magazine December 2019

Highlights of the publication – the biggest Report Magazine ever published at 108 pages – include:
– Special features and articles about IMO 2020
– End of life boats and what to do with them
– Biological corrosion and what surveyors should know
– How to get super rich by selling superyachts
– Insurance claims are increasing – what can surveyors do about this?
– Full report of the UAE Branch Conference with photos
– A Day in the Life of David Pestridge
– Risk assessment and management
– CEO round up of the year
– New safety briefings
– A wealth of member and marine news, plus a roundup of new products hitting the market

Read the December 2019 Report Magazine online in e-reader format or in pdf format at The Report Magazine December 2019

The Report Magazine September 2019

Key feature articles include:
– IMO Sulphur Cap 2020 regulation joint industry guidance
– Osmosis is a process not a defect
– Drones herald in new era of inspections
– Prospects for long-life batteries in waterway transportation
– Smart fuel hoses set to enhance safety at sea
– Hydrogen’s future in maritime
– The role of the Special Casualty Representative in the salvage of mage box ships
– Losing control of the beach was just the icing on the cake
– Caroline Rostant and Tony McGrail obituaries
– A review of the London Conference and Dinner
– The new Marine Surveyor Trailblazer Apprenticeship Scheme
– Plus a roundup of a wealth of marine and member news; and new safety briefings recently released

Read the September 2019 Report Magazine online in e-reader format or in pdf format at The Report Magazine September 2019.

The Report Magazine June 2019

Key feature articles include:
– The history and secrets of IIMS headquarters laid bare!
– The pitfalls in deep water pipe-lay: A marine warranty surveyor’s perspective
– Securing of containers on deck on a container ship
– Ensuring safe passage for a steel coil cargo
– Carriage of soya beans
– Shocking spike in confined space fatalities revealed – but why?
– The human side – how passengers and crew respond in an emergency
– Fifty shades of insurance: Financial loss – what is it and when is it covered?
– Final information about the IIMS London Conference 2019
– Stacks of member news, safety briefings and essential information
– A day in the life of Carey Golesworthy

Read the June 2019 Report Magazine online in e-reader format or in pdf format The Report Magazine June 2019.

The Report Magazine March 2019

Key feature articles include:
– An opinion article by Capt Rich Madden about the extensive loss of life and assets at sea in January
– Too many experts? Or simply not enough?
– InspectX – Report writing software by surveyors for surveyors
– Ten golden rules of loss prevention for expert witnesses
– Adaptation at sea: Hindsight and foresight – Legal issues arising from new bunker sulphur regulations in MARPOL – There’s no doubt about it – ship surveying is being revolutionised by drone technology
– The metacentric stability of narrowboats
– Expected life span of yacht enclosures
– Business article: Golden rules for writing good and persuasive website content
– Member and marine news, industry opinion and training information
– A day in the life of Ed O’Connor, IIMS Canada Branch Chairman

Read the March 2019 Report Magazine online in e-reader format or in pdf format The Report Magazine March 2019.

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