The Report Magazine December 2020

Another record breaking edition, this issue of The Report is the largest ever published by the Institute at 116 pages. The highlights and feature articles include:

– Review of 2020 – The year that changed everything
– How COVID-19 has affected the role of the marine surveyor: Special Feature
– Hull coatings: A slippery subject
– Alternatives to at sea disposal for end-of-life reinforced plastic vessels
– New flax and basalt fibre composites by Simonetta Pegorari
– Wakashio: How the crisis communications could have been better handled
– IMO in hot water following Mauritius oil spill and botched Wakashio salvage operation
– Making a hash of lashing
– Cargo liquefaction guidelines
– A day in the life of Uday Moorthi

Read the December 2020 Report Magazine online in e-reader format or in pdf format: The Report December 2020.

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