The Report Magazine September 2020

Another record breaking edition, this issue of The Report is the largest ever output by the Institute at 112 pages. The highlights and feature articles include:

– The elephant in the room: What do remote surveys mean for the marine surveying profession?
– What surveyors ought to know about Fastenings Part II
– Sacrificial anodes – a waste of money?
– Cyber security and ships
– Decarbonizing shipping: the role of internal combustion engines
– Why do container stacks collapse and who is liable?
– Making ship systems smarter with simulation
– The Wakashio incident. Was the Mauritian Government prepared?
– A Day in the Life of Jeffrey Casciani-Wood
– The making of the new Norwegian research vessel RV Kronprinz Hakkon

Read the September 2020 Report Magazine online in e-reader format or in pdf format at The Report Magazine September 2020.

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