Five years on and still rolling along

It came and went almost without notice. I refer to the fact that I marked my fifth anniversary as Chief Executive Officer of IIMS on 1 January this year. Five years is a long time in anyone’s life and I am shocked at just how fast the time has gone. I am proud of what my team and I have achieved over that period and I am indebted to them for their continuing enthusiasm and hard work. Do we increasingly make a difference and add value to the marine surveying profession worldwide? I hope so. I believe so. Over that time, my driving force and focus has become increasingly centered on continually looking for ways to push up the standards of marine surveying worldwide and to help find ways and methods for surveyors to better themselves.

Allow me to look back briefly over the past five years without getting too sentimental. The organisation I inherited in 2014 is now almost unrecognizable from what it was. We have made significant inroads into digitizing the business – the launch of a CPD App and just last week, the roll out of the innovative Marine Surveyor Search App, the next generation search tool, are two such examples. Our social Continue reading “Five years on and still rolling along”

Training events, training, events and more IIMS training, not forgetting the Fest!

Dr Malini Shankar addressing the IIMS Mumbai Symposium
Dr Malini Shankar addressing the IIMS Mumbai Symposium

They say we are never too old to learn and that is most certainly the case in the marine surveying profession.

Yes, we are in the middle of the training season once again. Recently we held a Certifying Authority training day for our coding surveyors. The contribution from the MAIB was particularly well received and thought provoking too. Paul Bryson’s case study presentation served as a sobering reminder that things can and do go needlessly wrong at sea.

Coming up is our next instalment of the Inland Waterways Working Group in Cheshire. UK narrowboats are right at the opposite end of the boating scale and require different surveying skills of their own.

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Rules and regulations – love them or hate them

Rules and regulations seem to be very much the flavour of this month. The three recent ones I’d like to draw your attention to particularly and mention in a bit more detail are the looming EU General Data Protection Regulation, International Maritime Organization’s strategy on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from ships and the new Yacht Code under development by the Red Ensign Group. And whilst not all three launch this month, it is the fact that such diverse bits of regulation should be in the news together, reminding me of the wide range of skills a marine surveyor needs to master (or at least have a grip on) as business knowledge combines with technical knowledge and maritime regulation to potentially create the perfect storm. Many a marine surveying business has failed, not due to a lack of technical skills, but an inability to embrace core business management skills and the associated red tape.

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Where will the next generation of marine surveyors come from?

A belated Happy New Year. As we ponder what 2018 might hold for us and, let’s face it, projections for the marine world appear to be very mixed, depending on who you listen to, I have been shocked and saddened by the awful start to January with one disaster after another.

In the first instance, I am referring of course to the tragic accident and substantial loss of life and potential environmental meltdown caused by the collision between the Iranian owned tanker MV Sanchi and the Hong Kong-flagged cargo ship CF Crystal, leading to the subsequent sinking of the former. That such a shocking event can still occur in 2018 seems hard to understand. It is not known yet if the cause will ever be discovered. What can we learn from this awful incident? And yet this incident has meant that numerous other accidents Continue reading “Where will the next generation of marine surveyors come from?”

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