Remembering the novelty of face-to-face training

Do you recall those days when we used to get together in a room to do some face-to-face training and networking? It seems an age ago already with Zoom and Teams taking over as the was to train. So, imagine my angst when the planned 7 day practical course at the Boat Building Academy in Lyme Regis, which had been under development for more than a year, was placed in jeopardy by the pandemic. It was unclear if we could run the event safely until just a couple of weeks prior. But I am delighted to say we managed to get the course away with a reduced number of 6 students.

I spent a day with the students – social distancing and other sensible pandemic measures were in place naturally. As I write, the course has just one more day to run, including Continue reading “Remembering the novelty of face-to-face training”

The IIMS surveyor network is proving its worth

Strange and positive things can and do happen at times of great adversity it seems. And let’s face it, the world is facing adversity like no other most of us will have seen. I repeatedly hear from small craft surveyors around the world that they have had their busiest ever year. Yes, the rules of survey have changed, but many people in the world have decided this is the perfect time to purchase a boat remarkably. Equally cargo and commercial ship surveyors are reporting that they too are busy. But again, the rules of engagement and survey are different now.

A number of members have informed me that they are Continue reading “The IIMS surveyor network is proving its worth”

With a spate of incidents and accidents what price human life at sea?

Of course, we have always known that the sea can be and is a treacherous place at times; but the past few weeks have seen a spate of distressing incidents and accidents, seemingly occurring on an almost daily frequency and resulting in the loss of life with substantial damage to vessels and cargoes around the world. Before I became involved in my role as CEO of IIMS, I was blissfully unaware of the sheer number of lives lost at sea, as indeed are most members of the general public. The reason for that is simply that most marine accidents, apart from the really major ones, never make the general news agendas. When I tell my friends and family about the tragedies that routinely happen at sea, they are disbelieving.

The personal distress I have felt having seen details of one incident after another dropping into my inbox has compelled me to write a blog Continue reading “With a spate of incidents and accidents what price human life at sea?”

Mid pandemic and IIMS finally secures its new flagship head office, Murrills House

Murrills House is the new permanent flagship headquarters for IIMS
Murrills House is the new permanent flagship headquarters for IIMS

The news has been so downbeat and tragic for so many people in recent months for the reasons we all know, so it is a good feeling to be able to share a rather more positive news story.

Back in 2018, IIMS members at the AGM voted and mandated me to find office accommodation to purchase as an asset for the Institute when our rental term expired. Little did I know that a little over two years on, we would complete the purchase of Murrills House (offices we had rented for the past 10 years) and which we now own. Yes, on Friday 31st July 2020, we formally completed the deal and are now the proud owners of a delightful Grade II Continue reading “Mid pandemic and IIMS finally secures its new flagship head office, Murrills House”

IIMS is supporting UK Maritime Safety Week

My blog is long overdue for an update and what better time to scribble down a few words than at the start of UK Maritime Safety Week which runs from 6 to 10 July 2020. It seems appropriate to put the IIMS weight behind an awareness campaign of this kind, not least as one of the major roles of any marine surveyor, not just in the UK, is to help to keep lives safe at sea and to help protect vessels, cargoes and maritime assets.

UK Maritime Minister, Kelly Tolhurst MP outlined the objectives of the week:
– Recognise the excellent safety work that already goes on across the sector;
Continue reading “IIMS is supporting UK Maritime Safety Week”

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