Tempus Fugit – well it has for me!

Yes I know I look ridiculous; but I could not resist trying the tin hat on at the Cabinet War Rooms
Yes I know I look ridiculous; but I could not resist trying the tin hat on at the Cabinet War Rooms

The past month has flown by and what a progressive month it has been, in fact a non-stop merry go round at times!

The IIMS Conference in London, Dinner and the AGM at Regent’s University were all successful, but I was saddened by the low number of members who came to London this year. As a consequence of the poor turn out, the management board has reassessed the future role of the London Conference and an announcement will be made soon. But for those who did attend, what a treat they had over the two days. I personally thought the presentations were not only relevant but also of the highest quality, delivered by people who were both knowledgeable and passionate about their subjects. You can watch any or all of the 10 videos that we made over the two days on the IIMS YouTube channel. And what a venue we chose for our Conference dinner. On reflection, the Churchill Cabinet War Rooms proved to be an inspirational choice, much enjoyed by those who attended.

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Midsummer madness

Life at IIMS is always challenging. Trying to keep nearly 1,000 members, who work in every conceivable area of marine surveying in its broadest sense, content is never a simple task. So I have been particularly pleased to have heard from a large number of members on three counts in the past month. Firstly, I am grateful that members took the opportunity to write and tell me what a great edition number 80 of The Report magazine was. Indeed some said the best they had ever read. I cannot disagree. It was, in my opinion, a comprehensive publication touching many areas of your profession. If you have not read it, I encourage you to do so by clicking this link.

The second cause for member reaction followed the launch of Version II of the IIMS CPD App. A small handful of members have reported one or two issues with the iOS version, so if you are having problems, please let head office know. But putting that aside, a good number of members have written to say how much they appreciate this development to what was an age old problem.

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More herrings than you can throw a fish at

Sometimes in my role as CEO, I find myself in the unlikeliest of places doing the strangest things. This was true just a couple of week ago and I am grateful to IIMS member, Jacek Goszczynski, who is based in Poland for inviting me to visit Szczecin to participate in the annual ‘Herring Gathering’. This event attracts over 2,000 people for an evening of celebration in the city of Szczecin in the north of the country. I found myself interacting with shipowners, hull insurance brokers, underwriters, educationalists and London P&I Club representatives. What a night and of course all in celebration of the humble herring – indeed I have never seen so many herrings in one place before, but I have acquired the taste.

Planning has been the name of the game recently at IIMS. We have a Large Yacht & Small Craft Super Training day coming up in November and the final finishing touches are being put to that. But more of that in the coming weeks. I am thrilled to announce that we have arranged a three day seminar in Singapore and I very much look forward to welcoming members, eCMID accredited vessel inspectors and anyone involved in the marine sector who would like to participate from 31 July to 2 August. We have a cracking couple of days lined up. For full details click here.

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The month of April yields brighter skies and new optimism

As we emerge from winter and go full into Spring in the UK, I become fully energised at this time and the passing of the years does not diminish this. As we emerge from the gloom of winter, the weather improves, daylight hours get longer, I can cycle in the late evening sunshine and my life changes with the changing seasons.

Setting this new found optimism against a darkening international political backdrop slightly takes the edge off things for sure. These are worrying times. We are all watching what is happening in the world closely I am sure. It leads me to question if there are implications for the marine surveying sector specifically? I suspect not however.  Many surveyors already work in highly dangerous locations across the world and in difficult circumstances too, performing their important and challenging roles. But if I have one message it is to be safe in your work and to ensure you risk assess carefully.

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The year has started with a bang!

Already we are one month down in 2017 and things are busy at IIMS head quarters! The first few weeks have seen so much activity. Camella Robertson has joined to replace the soon to retire Jan Cox as Membership Secretary. Cam to her friends is settling in well at what is a busy time of the year for membership.

Already we have delivered two great, well attended training events. I relish the opportunity to get out and meet members, but equally non-members to talk about the work we are doing at IIMS and in particular the resources that are available to surveyors of all persuasions. Ultimately it is about helping great surveyors to become even greater by sharing all this mine of knowledge and expertise.

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