Marine Corrosion Professional Qualification

The International Institute of Marine Surveying has launched a standalone professional qualification in marine corrosion. The qualification comprises 10 modules and is offered separately from the Institute’s two award-winning professional qualifications in marine surveying.

The course that supports the qualification is entitled Marine Corrosion and Prevention in Small Vessels, Ships and Offshore Structures.

The programme has been written primarily with marine surveyors in mind, those whose job it is to inspect, understand and report on corrosion. The new Professional Qualification in Marine Corrosion is pitched at education level 4.

Who should study for this qualification?
The professional qualification in marine corrosion is intended for marine surveyors of yachts and small craft, ships and offshore structures. It is also relevant for design engineers, material specifiers, other professional engineers and students of marine science and engineering.

Download the full course Prospectus with detailed descriptions of each module and the learning outcomes and understand how the programme will be delivered and marked: Prospectus for the Professional Qualification in Marine Corrosion.

Currently the course material is being updated and new dates will be published soon.

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