What a Marine Surveyor Needs to Know About Insurance Damage Surveys (Yachts, Small Craft & Workboats)


Author, Capt Barry Thompson was a doyen of the marine surveying profession having been in the business for over half a century, and is sadly missed. He was a Fellow of the Nautical Institute and an Honorary Fellow of the International Institute of Marine Surveying

The key aims of What a Marine Surveyor Needs to Know About Insurance Damage Surveys (Yachts, Small Craft & Workboats) is to convey both the basic requirements and the special ones so that the surveyor may become conversant with the customary protocols surrounding surveys for insurance claims associated with the industry.

Barry strongly argues that a yacht and small craft surveyor’s lack of marine insurance knowledge should not be a cause for concern; nor indeed should it prevent him from accepting an instruction to carry out a survey that may become concerned with an insurance claim. He says that an understanding of marine insurance, in general, is not necessary, but that the essence lies in carrying out these surveys to seek, find and report the facts surrounding the incident to his/her instructing principal, the insurer.

As Barry himself says, “If a surveyor receives a request to carry out an insurance claim survey, its purpose is still fundamentally the same as with most surveys — to investigate and provide the facts relating to the incident and then report his findings. In his/her enquiries he uses his expertise and experience to consider the facts, to evaluate them to help him ascertain the cause and to determine the best means of minimizing the loss.”

Author: Capt Barry Thompson
ISBN: 978-1-911058-15-1
Size: 68 pages

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