Unit 07. Surveying Chemical Cargoes


In this module we address the complexity of bulk chemical liquid cargo surveys. Many of the same principles should be used when surveying package chemical cargoes as found in tank containers (tanktainers) which fall under the IMDG Code.

The focus is towards the management of surveys on chemical tankers but much can and does cross the soft boundary between other liquid cargoes carried in all types of tankers. Health and safety aspects, which all Surveyors must appreciate, are also addressed but are the subject of another module in its own right. We will also look at the many origins of damage which can result in major claims.

Because the chemical trade surveying is somewhat unusual with respect to normal ‘dry’ cargo surveying, it demands an understanding of the particular terminology. This module is populated with a number of graphics to allow the learner an insight to what it is being discussed.

At the end of the module you will find a bibliography giving details of recommended reading and reference material.

During this unit you will cover the following subjects:
The Nature of the Cargo and Types of Hazards • Safety and Safe Practices • Quantity Calculations • Cargo Problems • Sampling Procedures • Vetting and Documentation • CDI Inspections and the CDI System

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