Unit 20. The International Safety Management Code


This module is intended to prepare the marine surveyor to comprehend the implementation and assessment of the International Safety Management Code.

It is designed to help surveyors having sufficient understanding of the ISM Code so they may act as internal auditors and/or as ISM compliance officers, or train consultants acting as ISM specialists and/or internal auditors and/or ISM compliance officers. The course is aimed also at external auditors from a flag administration or a certification body. You will find that each lesson starts with the official text of the code (2010 text).

An excellent introduction to the ISM Code is given by the former Secretary General of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), Mr William O’Neil:
“The ISM Code is one of two features that have been designed specifically to address the human element in safety at sea – which continues to be cited as a causal factor in the majority of all transport accidents. The other ‘human element’ measure is the STCW Convention, which tackles the training, education and certification of members of the crew. The mandatory ISM Code provides an international standard for the safe management and operation of ships and for pollution prevention. It places direct responsibility on shore side management to ensure that its ships operate to the prescribed level of safety. Evidence so far suggests that the impact of ISM implementation has had a positive effect and is beginning to achieve its aim of creating a culture of safety within shipping companies throughout the world. Indeed, the reduction of accidents and incidents following ISM Code implementation reported by some companies and the encouraging results reported by port state control authorities with respect to ISM Code implementation on the phase one ships, both point to the positive effect of the code on operational standards.”

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