What A Marine Surveyor Needs To Know About Corrosion, Electrolysis, Galvanism, Anodes And MIC


Practising marine surveyor, Elliott Berry FIIMS, combined with Jeffrey Casciani-Wood HonFIIMS, (now deceased but a name that needs little introduction in the world of small craft surveying), to co-author this authoritative handy guide entitled ‘What a marine surveyor needs to know about corrosion, electrolysis, galvanism, anodes and MIC’.

The guide presents some detailed equations to help to explain the science along with plenty of practical tips to help the marine surveyor to understand this essential, yet complex subject as they try to debunk some of the long held myths.

In Part 1 the authors consider the many and varied types of corrosion and their causes, including the often misunderstood microbial corrosion. The opening definition ‘Corrosion is the degradation of a material by its environment’ gives little clue to the depth of valuable information that follows. Part 2 introduces the surveyor to the various cathodic protection systems that exist, including a lot of information about the correct use of anodes. Part 3 is an excellent glossary with descriptions of cathodic protection terms that any surveyor should be familiar with.

Authors: Jeffrey Casciani-Wood and Elliott Berry

ISBN: 978-1-911058-23-6
Size: 120 pages

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