Business Compendium


IIMS Chief Executive Officer, Mike Schwarz, has been in and around business for 40 years. During that time he has run his own business, smaller organisations employing a handful of people, right up to being Managing Director of a division of a FTSE 100 company employing a large multi-functional workforce.

Although with a good all-round grasp of business, Mike’s area of specialism lies in general management, sales, marketing, online web solutions and creative writing.

In this presentation Mike passionately delivered a series of short presentations covering a variety of essential topics:

  • Basic marketing tips
  • How to give good customer care
  • Preparing a simple budget
  • Managing cashflow
  • Looking good on the web
  • Preparing a strategy plan
  • Preparing a Twitter strategy
  • An introduction to search engine optimisation

‘I am grateful for the presentation…It was so informative and useful to my business…’ – Joseph S
‘…Please thank him (Mike) for me. The content was very interesting and well presented.” – Paul H

Video run time: 2 hours 7 mins approx.

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