Moisture Meters, New Tramex and Osmosis


Moisture Meters, the new Tramex smart meter, and osmosis was presented by Nigel Clegg, a name well known to many surveyors. He has presented at various IIMS events in recent years and has lectured on these subjects too. He has hosted training courses for surveyors and boatyard personnel and has written extensively in the yachting press for magazines such as Practical Boat Owner. Nigel spent 16 years with Akzo Nobel which involved the detailed investigation of a wide range of coatings failures and defects on vessels from glass fibre dinghies to aluminium superyachts, and from steel narrowboats to wooden fishing vessels.

In his thorough presentation, Nigel explained how moisture meters work and gave some practical hints and tips for their use. He also gave a glimpse and preview of the new ‘smart’ Tramex moisture meter. In the second part of his presentation, Nigel spoke about osmosis, its characteristics, and what causes it.

Video run time: 2 hours 19 minutes approx.

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