Masts, Rigs and Sails


This webinar is being delivered by Nick Parkyn, who recently delivered a highly successful presentation on HMPE synthetic rigging. Please note the time is UK London.

This time, the subject of Nick’s webinar is Masts, Rigs & Sails, something of a specialism for him. It will be essential viewing for any yacht and small craft marine surveyor whose job it is to inspect and report on such equipment.

Nick has an extensive background in both the marine and information technology disciplines. An IIMS member, he is based in Queensland, Australia. His work in the marine industry includes marine surveying, yacht and small craft design and marine software development. He holds the DipMarSur Diploma in yacht and small craft surveying and has presented numerous papers at marine conferences and written many technical articles too.

In this extensive webinar, Nick plans to cover the following:
• Introduction

• Types of rigs
Traditional rigs – Junk Rig – Lateen Rig – Crabs Claw – Gaff Rig – Bermuda Rig

• Apparent Wind

• Rig evolution for fast sailing craft: multihulls and foiling monohulls

• Wide head mainsails

• Mainsail configurations
Interesting aspects of low-speed aerodynamics – Conventional soft sail – Soft sail double luff (wing) – Wing Mast with soft sail – Wing sail (Solid Wing Rig)

• Foresail configurations
Conventional – Self-tacking

• Downwind sails
– Symmetrical Spinnakers – Asymmetrical Spinnakers

• Types of masts
Conventional Fixed – Turbulators – Rotating – Rotating Wing Balestrom/Aerorig

• Masts configuration
Un-stayed masts – Stayed masts – Bi-plane – Canting

• Spreaders, Diamonds and Jumpers

• Boom configurations

• Bowsprits/prods

• Mast Design Process & Construction
Wooden masts – Aluminium Masts – Carbon Fibre Masts

• Boom Design Process & Construction
Wooden Booms – Aluminium Booms – Carbon Fibre Booms

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