HMPE Synthetic Rigging


This online seminar of about 140 minutes was delivered by Nick Parkyn on 24th February. Nick is a surveyor who has studied this subject in-depth and also written a handy guide about it too. He goes into the subject in detail, highlighting best practices that should be adhered to, and takes the audience through a set of actual examples of good and bad usage, evaluating these just as a marine surveyor would need to do in the real world.

The aim of this seminar is to upskill marine surveyors with knowledge about HMPE synthetic rigging, its characteristics, and how to survey it.

Specifying or upgrading to HMPE synthetic rigging represents a cost-effective “upgrade” for any cruiser, cruiser/racer, or racing sailing craft. Nick explains why.

Based on increasing acceptance and affordability of synthetic rigging, marine surveyors will increasingly be requested to survey craft with HMPE rigging.

This seminar will educate marine surveyors on the new fittings and hardware and usage of HMPE for lifelines, running rigging, and standing rigging.

This seminar covers all aspects of HMPE usage, working life, terminations, and best practices.

Run time: 2 hours 22 mins approx.

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