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•  ‘The mast and rigging webinar was excellent, very informative’ – Jack H  •  ‘…excellent talk and experiences shared by Michael’ – Alfredo T  • ‘I am grateful for presentation…It was so informative and useful to my business…’ – Joseph S • ‘…Please thank him (Mike) for me. The content was very interesting and well presented.” – Paul H • ‘…I really was impressed by the presentation – and your organization…’ – Peter M • ‘Excellent presentation and completely relevant to today’s situation. And great to listen to a chap so on top of his subject!’ – Geoff B • ‘…I did enjoy it…didn’t drag in any way. It was very well presented.’ – Richard R • ‘…it was very informative and worthwhile for me.’ Jorg S • ‘I found the webinar well worthwhile and found the ongoing comments from the participants interesting. ‘ Sam C •

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