Shipbuilding Acquaint Course Unit 02 – Shipbuilding contracts, specifications and HSE introduction


This on-demand video is part of the Shipbuilding Acquaint Course Masterclass

The learning objectives of this unit are:
– To understand what a shipbuilding contract is
– To appreciate who the shipbuilding contract is between
– Learn some useful common terms used in a shipbuilding contract with examples
– To be introduced to Classification Societies and their role in the shipbuilding contract
– To understand sub-contractors and subcontracted work
– To gain an appreciation of vendor selection for major components
– Learn about the shipbuilding specification
– To understand who writes the specifications
– Learn who agrees the specifications
– To learn some useful common terms used in specifications with examples
– To gain an introduction to Shipyard Quality Standards
– To discover HSE with an introduction
– Learn about the role of HSE in a shipbuilding yard
– Understand the types of incidents and accidents that occur
– Learn about shipyard HSE procedures with an introduction to Permit to Work
– Learn about situational awareness
– Understand about PPE and its importance

Video run time: 2 hours 38 minutes

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