Shipbuilding Acquaint Course Unit 08 – Coatings and PSPC


This on-demand video is part of the Shipbuilding Acquaint Course Masterclass

The learning objectives of this unit are:
– Introduction to the importance of coating application to marine structures
– Learn about different types of coatings
– Gain an introduction to the big coatings manufacturers
– Understand what is meant by surface preparation (types of blasting)
– Learn about shop primer (compatibility / weldability, etc)
– Find out the meaning of PSPC
– Understand overcoating intervals
– Learn about curing, humidity and temperature control
– Gain an appreciation of the dangers of solvents – HSE
– Gain an appreciation
– Find out about antifouling and 5-year paint schemes (ref 5-year special survey cycle/dockings)
– Understand application methods
– Learn what is meant by wet film measurement and dry film measurement
– Gain an appreciation of inspection methods
– Introduction to other methods of corrosion resistance (Anodes and ICCP)

Video run time: 1 hour 44 minutes

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