Shipbuilding Acquaint Course Unit 04 – Plan Approval, supply chain and factory acceptance tests


This on-demand video is part of the Shipbuilding Acquaint Course Masterclass

The learning objectives of this unit are:
– Learn what Plan Approval is
– Understand who carries out Plan Approval
– Gain an appreciation of how we communicate and transfer comments
– Understand what the Supply Chain is
– Understand who does Vendor Selection
– Learn about the role of the Classification Society
– Get an introduction to IMO Codes (Common Structural Rules and IGC)
– Learn about Statutory Requirements (MARPOL, SOLAS, ISPS)
– Gain an appreciation of the Wheel Mark and CE Mark
– Learn what the criteria for Vendor Selection are
– Discover what Factory Acceptance Tests are
– Learn who carries out Factory Acceptance Tests
– Understand how we report our findings from a Factory Acceptance Test
– Get to know what happens if a Factory Acceptance Test is “Rejected” or if there are many open comments
– Learn who is responsible for installing the equipment onboard
– Understand who is responsible for setting the equipment to work
– Know who is responsible for system integration

Video run time: 1 hour 55 minutes

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