Shipbuilding Acquaint Course Unit 06 – Propulsion machinery, auxiliaries, outfitting and piping systems


This on-demand video is part of the Shipbuilding Acquaint Course Masterclass

The learning objectives of this unit are:
– To discover the different types of propulsion machinery
– Gain an understanding about shafting arrangements, gearboxes and propellers
– Learn about the types of auxiliary machinery
– To understand what is meant by ‘outfitting’
– Gain an introduction to piping systems and distribution
– To discover the different types of pipes for different duties, their construction and testing processes
– Gain an appreciation of Class Rules for pipe systems, their construction and testing
– Understand the onboard installation of pipes and testing
– Learn about other outfitting
– Understand onboard installation and testing requirements (OTPs and ITPs)
– Testing and commissioning

Video run time: 1 hour 31 minutes

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