IIMS Certifying Authority training seminar – application and update of the MCA codes


The IIMS Certifying Authority presented the first of its new shorter, targeted online training sessions for UK MCA coding examiners.

The video contains the following:

Fraser Noble
Chairman, IIMS Certifying Authority

Application of the codes
Fraser talked through the application of the codes and covered the following subject areas:
– Class and Flag Surveyors
– CA Surveyors – Authorised by Flag State through MCA and CAs
– 2021 IMO Audit of UK Flag State under IIIs Code
– IMO Audit and Code Surveyors (Common Standards of Competence)
– Vessels – Areas of Operation / Sea Areas
– Differences for Cat 2, Cat 1 and Cat 0
– Watertight Bulkheads – when are they required, what to check, confirm boats match SIBs
– Vessels moving from Cat 2 to 0 or 1 or vice versa
– Equivalent Standards. Use of RCD Standards
– Approving Structure under RCD – under 12 metres LOA
– Approving Structure under RCD – over 12 metres LOA
– Overseas Vessels in UK Waters
– UK Registered Vessels operating Overseas and in EU – Brexit and Cabotage
– UK Code Vessel Certificate – equivalent to UK Loadline Certificate
– Code Surveyors Working in EU post Brexit

Rob Taylor, BEng (Hons) MIMarEST
Code Vessel Lead, UK Technical Services Ship Standards
Maritime & Coastguard Agency

An update on the rewriting of the MCA codes, in particular the latest on Workboat 3.

Rob gave a valuable and concise presentation. In it he reviewed the progress being made to update and replace Workboat 2 with Workboat 3 and put some likely dates on when it would conclude. He also spoke about the position with MGN280 and the other colour codes as well as answering questions, which are included in the video.

The video runs for approximatley 2 hrs 52 mins

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