How to conduct a complete mast and rigging survey


How to conduct a complete mast and rigging survey presented by Kim Skov-Nielsen

Using a series of photos, Kim Skov-Nielsen delivers an informative masterclass on this sometimes avoided area of marine surveying – the inspecting and surveying masts and rigs. Kim calls on his extensive knowledge, gained over many years, to talk about how to inspect the mast and rigging, when to inspect it, what to expect as you survey and what specifically to look for and where. He also talks about how to include the findings and recommendations in the report as well as caveats. In his presentation, Kim touches on all types of rigging from rope to galvanised steel wire to carbon, as well as looking at different types of masts too, whilst reminding surveyors to keep a clear focus on their personal safety.

‘The mast and rigging webinar was excellent, very informative’ – Jack H

Run time: 2 hours 26 minutes approx.

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