Report Writing Online Seminar


Your hosts and presenters for this essential seminar were Paul Homer, Chairman of Standards and Mike Schwarz, IIMS Chief Executive Officer. IIMS receives too many surveyor complaints each year, generally caused by poor report writing standards. A report is the surveyor’s intellectual property and he/she lives or dies by it. This three-hour seminar featured a lot of new content, bringing the art of report writing bang up to date. Mike and Paul provided the essential information that a yacht and small craft surveyor needs to consider when gathering the information and then compiling his/her report. Suggested clauses for use in the report to protect against possible litigation and advice in the event that something goes wrong were presented. Additionally, advice on contracts and terms of business and how, when, and where these should be used was offered too. A practical and lively session completed this thorough seminar covering all aspects of modern-day report writing.

Video run time: 3 hours approx.

‘…I did enjoy it…didn’t drag in any way. It was very well presented.’ – Richard R

‘…it was very informative and worthwhile for me.’ Jorg S

‘I found the webinar well worthwhile and found the ongoing comments from the participants interesting. ‘ Sam C

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